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There is a way of living through life's challenges that gives a person a sense of inner peace and happiness. There is a way of living that brings out the best talents and abilities in a person leaving a sense of fulfillment. There is a way of living with one's own mistakes and failures, and with those of others, that leaves a person feeling cleansed, forgiven.There's no secret about it. If you want it, and I hope you do, God gives this Way of living to you.


What I wish for everyone is a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus of Nazareth. This incredible man - God made Man - brought NEW HOPE to the people He met when He touched them, healed them, fed them and raised the dead to life! 2,000 years ago this unassuming man turned the world upside down and rewrote our relationship with God. No longer do we need to work out our salvation through striving, but we have been made free from the bondage of sin through faith given us by the Father through the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the only one who can defeat death. In Him, we have assurance of eternal life! Through Him, we experience inner peace, happiness, fulfillment and the clean sense of forgiveness.


All of a sudden, the new possibilities are endless! There is New Hope!


Thanks to Jesus, our lives are in God's hands now. Because of His grace, we can be free to worship in spirit and truth. This hope He gives us is incredible, empowering, fulfilling and reassuring. Our confidence to go out into the world as ministers and witnesses comes from the sure knowledge that we are in the hands of a merciful God! 


All of us here at New Hope Lutheran Church hope that you will come be a part of our family and join us in regular worship.


In Christ's Exciting Service,

Pastor Jeff St. Clair

August 03, 2021

Please join us this Sunday!
10 AM - Traditional Worship (In person worship cancelled until further notice)
10:10 AM - Sunday School


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